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Susie Jane’s Attic


Brand Identity Creative

Susie Jane’s Attic

It’s about getting your next adventure underway, and from t-shirts to inspirational quotes, Susie Jane’s Attic is here to lend a hand!

Every day can be an adventure of some sort. Sometimes just getting out of the house on time can feel like a challenge. Other days, you’ve climbed to the top well before the clock strikes noon. Susie Jane’s Attic is all about the conversation, mystery, and exploration that we call life.

That’s how we describe ourselves around here. A little bit of this mixed with a little bit of that. Grandma’s attic was always a treasure trove when we were younger. You never knew what you’d find. The same can be said about Susie Jane’s Attic! Keeping true to Midwestern roots while exploring the great wild west.

Midwest charm meets western adventure!


Our team was tasked with developing the personality of the brand and then bringing it to life through the website, social media, and merchandise.

  • Skills

    Brand Identity, Creative Services

  • Client

    Susie Jane's Attic

  • Field:

    E-Commerce, Retail

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