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Tequila Day

We’re not saying that you have to drink, but if you do, we just wanted you to know that today is #TequilaDay, and for that, we felt like letting you know and sharing a few tidbits of information.

But let’s face it, we all know tequila is synonymous with margarita, but there are many other drinks that can be found with tequila in them as well. The drink pictured above is one that Johann Trasch of Cocktail Bart worked on. This is a Classic Old fashioned-style cocktail featuring Italian amaro, Mexican tequila, and angostura bitters, garnished with a lime wedge.

However, since we are sort of talking about margarita’s too, do you happen to know some of the tales of this popular drink?

There is no definitive answer as to who really invented this drink, but interesting stories abound. One of the earliest stories tells of a wealthy Dallas socialite inventing the drink at a Christmas party in Acapulco in 1948. Tommy Hilton of the Hilton Hotel chain reportedly attended the party and took the recipe home to serve at his hotels. Another suggests that it is merely based on an American drink called the Daisy, which was made with brandy instead of tequila. The Spanish word for “Daisy” is “Margarita”; hence the name.

In any case, this popular drink, made with tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice, plus the trademark salt rim, will bring a touch of the tropics to any get-together.

So there you have it. Remember, if you are going to enjoy an adult beverage, enjoy responsibly and be over 21 years of age.

Photo by Johann Trasch on Unsplash

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